Keep your Rental Properties Looking Amazing

Renting out property to others can be a great way to make additional income. In order to get people interested in staying there and paying your asking price, they need to look amazing. People want to live in a home or apartment that is clean and comfortable. Hiring a residential painting company to upgrade the look can be a wise investment.

If you have several properties to maintain, you can hire a residential painting company to get started. If you like what they do at one place, you can pay them to do others down the road. Creating that ongoing relationship is encouraging as it offers benefits for you both. As a landlord, you have to pay attention to issues such as peeling or cracking paint.


While you want as much as you can from the rentals to be profit, you have to put money back into the places. This will ensure you can keep them full of people. If they sit empty because no one wants to live there, you aren’t going to make money from them. Work out the details of the cost with the residential painting company.

You will find plenty of differences in the offers, so don’t hire the first residential painting company you learn about. Instead, find out what they have to offer and other jobs they have done. What is their overall reputation and what type of work ethic do they have? How long has the business been around and do people talk well about it?

No Obligation

There is no obligation when you get the ball rolling and start asking questions. Even if you have a residential painting company come to see the place you wish to have painted, they aren’t going to charge you for that. This will share with you what the price will be. Outside painting can make the place attractive enough for people to come in and look at it.

However, the inside where they will live is where you really need to focus on paint. Since you may have many renters over time, go with soft and neutral colors rather than those that are bold and loud. You aren’t going to know the preferences of those that reside there so go with something that is common and attractive.

Fast Services

Ideally, you want to hire a residential painting company that can get the job done quickly. The longer the place stays empty, the more money you are losing. The faster they can get it done, the sooner you can advertise and get someone in there again. Of course, you want efficiency and quality in addition to the speed.

Find a company you can count on to help you get your goals met and your needs taken care of. Avoid working with those that seem to charge too much or they don’t have the level of professionalism you desire. When possible, go see other work they have done so you can get an idea of what they can do for you too.

Written Contract

For your own protection, it is always encouraged to have a written contract in place regarding such services. This will help you to prevent problems from developing. It also reduces the risk of anyone assuming what the scope of the work will be. You and the painter need to have discussions that outline all of it so you are both aware of what will be taking place.

Such work is worth it as it will make your rentals attractive. Then when one person moves out, you won’t have to wait long for others to be ready to move in there. That is the best way to benefit from those properties you own.